Hassle Free Bitcoin Mining: Mine Bitcoin 24/7 Even When You Are Offline

Bitcoin is now on it’s all time high every body is buzzing about it and almost every small or big companies and all corner of the web are slowly moving on to adopt bitcoin

Bitcoin has indeed arrive every body wants to get a hold on it especially when it reaches the $1000 mark last november 2013,although there is an issue on Mtgox a popular bitcoin exchange
But it did not harm the value of bitcoin as all the other bitcoin exchange network are still showing strong trading…

The Future of Bitcoin
Bitcoin has a very good future it has a solid foundation and many merchants are now adopting it now even Paypal and Ebay has a planned to incorporate it to their business
eBay Building Digital Wallet That Stores ‘Multiple Types’ of Currency

And CNN news reported that “New York state’s top financial regulator has detailed his plans to regulate bitcoins sometime this year.”
Top news agency has positive report about Bitcoin and every country has even studying and looking on on Bitcoin development..
Bitcoin regulation coming this year
Bitcoin ATMs coming to the U.S.

Mining Bitcoin
It is not easy mining Bitcoin nowadays because the difficulty level is so high that you need a specialized hardware to mine bitcoin Please see this article
Mining Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin made easy
Before you proceed mining Bitcoin you should first get a wallet please go here to get one Blockchain
As I was searching for a way to mine Bitcoin I have stumble two sites that lets everyone who wants to mine Bitcoin without the difficulty and without the very high cost of mining Bitcoin..

Contact me after you sign up if you don’t have available BITCOIN I can sell you GHS voucher so you can start mining
This one is perfect no hardware to buy no software to use you can mine 24/7 even if you are offline ..
CEX.IO is the first and leading commodity exchange in the Bitcoin community. Here you can buy or sell GHashes or just trade on the increase or decrease of chip values.

We are the first exchange that offers you an opportunity to buy GHashes and avoid all the usual problems you can face when buying mining equipment, like the frequent delays in delivery, breakage losses, the need for a sufficient power supply or cooling devices, and many other things, that you will probably encounter.
Some of it’s power features
Cloud Power/Instant mining/100% uptime!/Easy Buy/Easy Mine/Easy Sell
Secure hosted/Served by GHash.io/Always upgraded/Professional support/No Trade Fee
24/7 Available/Convenient instant messenger..

I was surprise that I can buy $1 worth of hashrate or 0.0017BTC ..
But of course to be able to get a good share of Bitcoins you need to add more hashrate in my experience I have two confirmation in an hour but not enough Bitcoin earning so my method is to compound my earnings by buying everytime I accumulate Bitcoin

CEX.IO is the most affordable and practical way to mine bitcoin you have nothing to worry as there is no contract involve as long as you have your hashrate as you can also sell it or trade it..
Yes you can sell it or trade it also there is a graph there where you can see the price movement of the hashrate
but everyday the hashrate is going up as many people are getting involve mining Bitcoin here..
And why not?there is no hardware to buy no software to install you can mine 24/7 even if you are offline…

Most cryptocurrencies that are mined by computers use a ‘proof of work’ algorithm, designed to make them prove that they have invested the computing power in producing the coins. Bitcoin uses SHA–256, but many alternative coins (altcoins) use another system, called scrypt.

Scrypt.CC was created to make mining scrypt based coins accessible to everyone without huge upfront costs, no huge electricity bill at the end of the month, no worries with hardware failure, no babysitting the machines 24/7. We take care of all of that for you!
Purchase KHS in a matter of seconds, start mining right away and even be able to trade your KHS in real time with prices based on supply and demand!
Our custom software mines the most profitable coins!

Another cloud mining site where you can mine Bitcoin worry and hassle free they are giving 5 year contract and you can get 0.0107 Bitcoin for 1 Ghs
PbMiningoperate Bitcoin mining ASIC hardware. When you buy a contract with us, you will begin earning Bitcoins instantly. At Piggyback Mining, we cover the electricity costs and all pool fees. Your contract is 100% insured because we want you to succeed.

I have installed this Btc Price quote for you to see how profitable to mine Bitcoin as you read this article So take action while difficulty and hashrate is still at it’s lowest

If you have further question about bitcoin please contact us through our contact us page